Carel Wolf Kati (head) and Nero (puppy)

Kuvaaja Laura Niska

Welcome to Irish Wolfhound Kennel Carel Wolf

Kennel Carel Wolf is situated in rural district called Puntala in Eastern Finland. Our main goal is to breed wolfhounds that are sound both in body and temper.

We got our first Irish wolfhound Alexsandra in 1984. First Carel Wolf -litter was born in year 1988. To this date 20 litters (with a total of 120 puppies) have been bred in our kennel and we have received 'Vuolasvirta'-breeder's prize of Finnish Kennel Club for succesful offsprings. Currently we have six adult dogs at home:    FI & RU & EE CH Carel Wolf Tuulia, FI CH Carel Wolf Unelma, FI & LT &EE CH Carel Wolf Venni, FI CH Carel Wolf Venla, Carel Wolf Vivika and Carel Wolf Aava.

Our main criteria in choosing the dogs we use for breeding is that they must be sound and healthy. Especially the bitch should be a good-tempered and self-confident dog with a good overall appereance. The sire should be chosen to compensate the possible lacks of the dam.

Choosing a good home for puppies is always important: We wish that every puppy born in our kennel can live a good life. The puppy must be approved by every member in the chosen family. An Irish wolfhound can never get too much love and care.

We want to keep in touch with our puppies throughout their lives and are ready to help both new and old owners in possible problems regarding their wolfhounds. Sharing both joy and sorrow is a part of living with the dogs.

Being successful in dog shows isn´t the most important part in our kennel-activities: it is just as important to enjoy sharing our lives with the dogs. This has enabled us to befriend many people who share our common interests. To keep in touch with each others, we also have kennel-meetings every year:

Meeting 2005

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